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How To Place An Order

  1. Fill the cart with items wanted and choose "view cart"

  2. Choose date you want to get order. ONLY dates not greyed out are available.

  3. Choose a delivery method. There are 2 choices

  4. IF you choose to pickup your food in Olney, please specify the pickup time in the order note that you can add by choosing order note in the cart before checkout. We'll have your order ready on the pickup day at that time.

  5. IF you choose custom, then contact us through text or email (see below) to arrange a pickup method appropriate for your needs. Understand our delivery area and capability is limited and delivery outside of MD is generally not possible.

Please understand that you must complete the order and pay before anything will happen. If you choose the custom delivery option but we cannot come to an agreement on delivery then we will refund you money. Custom orders will have a $5 delivery fee added.

Orders outside of MD are generally not possible. If you are outside of Maryland and wish to order please contact us through email or text to see if something can be worked out.

For Custom Ordering Contact us through:

Text: 5024191214


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